This blog takes its name from a scene in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where a missile spontaneously transforms into a whale miles above the surface of an alien planet. We are offered a glimpse into the mind of this poor creature, as he discovers himself and the world around him. His cheerful disposition and optimism at this new life ahead of him come to an abrupt halt as he crashes into the ground.

We are all much like this whale.

We come into this world knowing very little about ourselves…

…or the world around us.

The things that I write here are my way of processing who I am, and what in the world is going on around me before my own eventual… SPLAT!


8 thoughts on “About

    • I signed up for this some time ago, but have yet to put it to any use. At some time in the future I hope to buckle down and do some writing.

      Btw I would assume default moderation settings.

  1. i know, i’m just being funny. .

    feel free to delete. .

    and start throwing down some write-ups, dog. .

    let’s get this party started. .

    • Thanks, my aim had always been to minister to those who are likely to come across an obscure reference from a science fiction book/radio show/TV show/movie/assuming I missed something.

    • It’s been ages for me as well. When my daughter was just born, and reading was more about her just hearing my voice than anything, I read the first couple chapters to her. I have been defaulting to Dirk Gently over the past several years for my Douglas Adams fix.

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