Turn Back the Clock

I decided to take a little bit of a sabbatical from creating new content this week, so I thought I might drop a few links to some work that predated my more recent spike in activity.

Top 5 Posts Prior to 2016

1. Cheap Pops in Church

2. Not a Fan of the Church

3. … and that has made all the difference

4. Take a Pass on Primanti at PNC Park

5. The Dragon

While I am taking the week off from new content, I’m still more than willing and open to conversation, so feel free to follow up in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Turn Back the Clock

    • i.e., first!

      as it suddenly got dark outside.. i noted to Mel how It’s Raining Again.. and now there’s a Supertramp song running through my head..

      spending the afternoon translating Psalm Nineteen.. i find this sort of work to be the most pleasurable of all.. so i’m especially infused with joy at the moment!

      • Yeah, you actually surprised me when you said that it was raining. Was just beautiful a few minutes ago… actually still is just happens to be raining. Glad to hear that you are enjoying your work.

  1. i hear thunder rumbling.. would be nice to have a good thunderstorm!!

    thought i’d share my fresh translation.. i trust its faithful to the Hebrew Masoretic Text.. note: for WordPress formatting i’ve added the > to suggest a greater spacing..

    Psalm Nineteen

    The heavens recount the glory of God,
    > and the firmament brings to light the work of His hands.
    Day after day they publish speech,
    > and night after night they breath out knowledge.
    There is no speech, there are no words,
    > there is no hearing of their voice;
    Yet their voices gush forth into all the earth,
    > and their proclamations to the end of the world.
    He has pitched a tent for the sun in the heavens;
    > it bursts forth like a bridegroom from his chamber,
    > and rejoices like a warrior to run his path.
    > It rises from one end of heaven to the other,
    > and follows its circuit from east to west.
    And there is none hidden from its heat.

    The law of Yahweh is perfect,
    > reviving the soul.
    The testimony of Yahweh is certain,
    > making wise the simple.
    The precepts of Yahweh are straight,
    > making the heart rejoice.
    The commandment of Yahweh is radiant,
    > giving light to the eyes.
    The fear of Yahweh is pure,
    > enduring forever.
    The judgements of Yahweh are true,
    > they are entirely righteous,
    > more desirable than gold,
    > even much fine gold,
    > and sweeter than honey,
    > even honey flowing from honeycombs.
    Moreover, your servant is illumined by them;
    > in keeping them is my good end.

    Who can discern errors?
    > From hidden sins release me!
    Also, from presumptuous persons spare your servant.
    > Let them not rule over me!
    Then I shall be whole and free of great transgression.

    May the words of my mouth be according to Your pleasure,
    > and may the meditation of my heart be in line with Your will,
    O Yahweh, my Rock and my Redeemer.

        • thanks.. yeah, i’ve changed the language there, and made a few other improvements..

          the most significant variation of note i think would be the line: Spare your servant from presumptuous persons, let them not rule over me!

          in contradistinction to the traditional wording of the New King James that reads: Also keep back Your servant from presumptuous sins; Let them not rule over me.

          puts a different emphasis on things..

  2. Thanks for the posts. I read more than a few but my brain is too tired to comment. It’s interesting that once you blog for awhile, a lot of posts get buried. I may have to resurrect some of mine.

    • It’s funny to go back and read some of what I have written. I can go back and remember my framework for what I had to say, but it is something that I don’t even worry about anymore because I have rejected even the framework that I was originally working in.

      I find that I am doing more deconstructing now, where I was attempting to reform in the past.

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