A Look Back

WordPress popped up a notification for me yesterday letting me know that I first registered this blog four years ago. I have been admittedly spotty over those four years, with only two really sustained periods of posting, but it got me curious for some feedback.

I appreciate the encouragement that I have gotten here in that time, and the reassurance that I am not alone in feeling the way that I do about things. I’m not exactly looking for that encouragement here as much as I am curious to hear how people that follow this blog would describe it.

I have some vague feelings about what I want to express and accomplish here, but I would like to hear what others think that this blog is all about.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you can give. Thanks


18 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. i attend for the fellowship even though your church doesn’t regularly offer donuts.. i’m okay with that.. the grilled steak salads and good beers make up for the donuts oversight..

    • Oh, you must go to our second service, which has a more laid back “dinner and hangout” liturgy. There is a more family centered gathering in the morning that has a breakfast meal to open, though it is more protein based than pastry centric.

      I’ll bring it up with our elder board to see if your needs might be considered in the future.


      • fyi.. intense “Sit Down and Shut Up” skit on the church bus the other night.. at least i hope it was a skit.. very good actor your new bus driver—Pastor Dick Ramsroll..

        quite convincing with his madman impression.. literally kicked off the previous driver for pointing out the way.. running him over repeatedly—back and forth; back and forth—yelling “There can be only one!” “There can be only one!”

        was quite frightening.. the drama impacted me too deeply to applaud with the rest..

  2. Hmm..how would I describe this post? A confessional of theologically inspired thoughts and philosophies that wrestles with real life issues -metaphorically and otherwise-as they arise. That’s just off the top of my head πŸ™‚

    To monax-I’ll take beer and salad over donuts any day..sorry, buddy! If I am going to cheat with gluten, it better be worthwhile πŸ™‚

  3. I like your reflections and I also like the discussions you set up. I think your posts are a good mix of theology and humor. I hope you keep blogging! (Um my auto correct wrote “blowing”…good thing I fixed that!)

    • I’ve been enjoying the conversation here, especially recently. One of the main foundation stones of the way I think is that the people of God have worthwhile things to say. Of course, a big part of having a blog is getting to express myself, but I enjoy seeing a good conversation break out better than just about anything that I write myself.

      Oh, and no there will be no “blowing” on this blog… well I suppose the Spirit blows right?like the wind? That much is ok.

  4. Dallas (apart from the attraction of engaging with a well-educated geek πŸ˜‰ ) I love the fact that you keep it real. You write and share like an actual human being with whom others can interact – we can find agreement, discover where we differ, and learn to see things from a different perspective πŸ™‚

    • Well, I interact like a very strange human being, but thank you. There is, of course, a part of me that wants to be respected for what I have to say theologically, but I have found that there is sometimes more value to be found in the things that I can admit I don’t know, or that I’m not quite sure of than the things that I can sharpen to a deadly point.

      Ultimately it really is the sharpening that u seek, so some of what I say will communicate where I am dull and need sharpened, and some of what I say will communicate some of the blunt edges I see elsewhere.

      If we throw all of that together, I think that we all have a lot to learn from each other.

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