Wishful Thinking and Wild Speculation

I enjoyed last week’s discussion, jumping into the past to interact with different men and women from biblical history, so I thought that this week we could run in the opposite direction.

Much like the original question, this is one that we have tossed around during our weekly Bible studies and has served to really open up my mind to what kind of amazing future we have waiting out there for us.

So, as the title suggests, let your imagination run wild, let yourself daydream a little bit and tell me what you think we have waiting for us on the other side of eternity.

Since there is no finite number of speculations on this matter, I am going to kick us off with one.


I would like to think that when God originally made the vast expanse that we can start to glimpse as the Universe, that there was an intention that we would make our way out to those distant solar systems to experience the ways in which God chose to express himself on planetary levels. Whether interstellar travel would be something that could just be willed into being or that the unshackling of the chains of sin would unlock the human potential for creativity in such a way that the technology could be developed, I would love to think that we would have the opportunity to become explorers in that way.



3 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking and Wild Speculation

  1. as we look through our glass darkly our knowledge of future things are partial.. we are given an incomplete view of what is to come.. yet we are given a glimpse.. though most don’t bother to look.. which means for me—i’m left with few people to discuss such “eschatological” realities and speculative questions with..

    those with the mind of Christ.. in possession of a biblical worldview.. work with an image of things to come that amazingly becomes all the more clearer and detailed the closer we get to the Day of our Lord’s return.. but, of course, we’ll likely miss much if we’re not peering through the multifaceted lens of Scripture to see with spiritual eyes “the end of the days” things happening all about us—even today—on our little pale-blue planet earth.. things divinely foretold through the prophets long ago..

    without fear of sounding like “one of those guys”.. and via a lifetime study of God’s Word.. it has recently appeared to my eyes that the Parousia may very well happen in our lifetime.. which means the Millennium is just below our eastern horizon..

    fwiw, my image of eternity is one of a personal universe.. upholding now and forever as space-time through the Person of Jesus Christ.. this i get from Scripture.. and the shape and color of the universe—which i’ve imaged as as a beige egg at the moment—i get from science..

    so in my peering through Scriptures and the world around me i find myself forever confirming or revising my image and understanding of the universe, and the various ages—past, present and future—of our earth..

    in my studies of the OT Prophets, of late, i’ve come to understand certain prophetic realities shown to us in the Revelation of Jesus Christ that has taken me over 40 years of reading and research to discover.. guess i’m a bit slow.. although the biblical lens to these things have long been there.. to me they were “Not known because not looked for”—to use a line from T. S. Eliot.. which now reminds me of this from the poet David—“in Yahweh’s light we see light.”

    now why on earth is my image of the universe egg-shaped and beige in color? i should tell you.. it was actually pale turquoise just a few minutes ago.. but i googled for the science on this and found a 2002 article correcting as inaccurate the turquoise findings of previous astronomers that i had years ago derived my coloring from.. turns out they were wrong.. and subsequently so was i.. now an aspect of my image of the universe has thusly been updated..

    according to what i know of the sovereign Word and Pleasure of God.. we have our being in a universe that the Ancient of Days inhabits as His own creation, not only bodily, as He exists on His own, but with His Spirit now dwelling inside every Born of God child of light.. for lack of a better word—we live in a magical universe with a Magician God that can change the lighting and color and shape of our planet in the matter of days.. and he will, as foretold to His children through the Holy Prophets..

    so i have a feeling our planet in the ages to come will be transformed into the likes of the garden of God.. and from the outside looking in—(yes, i believe the Magician is capable of lifting the darkness and terraforming other planets and making as many as He likes habitable for His children)—i believe Earth will no longer appear pale-blue.. but pale-green.. why?

    first, we get our blue color from the ocean waters that cover 71 percent of our planet’s surface.. paled by earth’s white clouds.. but in Revelation 21:1 John sees a new earth wherein “the sea was no more”.. also the OT Prophets tell of a utterly flattened earth..

    so now what has personally changed in my biblical worldview of late is the timing of this flattening.. in the chronology of Revelation it appears to occur after the thousand years—the Millennium.. and that’s where i’ve had it on my eschatological timeline until last year.. but in my readings of the OT Day of the LORD passages it has occurred to me that this leveling conflagration of the surface of the earth is prophetically scheduled to occur at the time of His Second Coming.. not after the Thousand Years..

    so as a road race cycling enthusiast my concern is with the future of road racing without mountains.. for prophecy has the mountains all coming down (yes metaphorically, but literally too—they’re going to “melt” is the language we have).. so i’ve imagined the future topography of earth a bit lumpy, cut with rivers and lakes and such, but no more big mountains and no more ocean..

    i’ve heard a couple reformed celebrities reflecting upon their love for sailing in the context of Revelation 21:1, and stating how they hope the new earth will have some nice open waters for boating enthusiasts like themselves..

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