I Need Your Love to Disconnect

An Ode to No One

Billy Corgan wrote the song back in the 90’s, and while I’m not entirely certain what it is about, he was fairly obviously ticked off at someone… or everyone… hard to say.

The specifics of the meaning of the song aren’t terribly important for what I am writing about now, but I had one of the lyrics from the song pop into my head recently and randomly.

“I don’t need your love to disconnect.”

The nagging thought that kept drawing me back to it was that, at least for myself and my relationship with God, it is completely untrue.

God’s love is exactly what I need to disconnect.

That begs the question, though, disconnect from what?

The love of God, his grace and mercy, allow me to disconnect from sin and the guilt and shame that come along with it.

The Pilgrim’s Progress pictures this reality as a heavy pack falling from the back of the Christian as he approaches the cross, which allows him to travel on unencumbered by his previous burden.

The love that God has communicated to us, through the person and sacrifice of his Son, allows that weight of sin to fall from our shoulders. It also means that none of it need attach itself to us ever again. There is no guilt of sin that will stick to us that is not doing so because we are holding onto it ourselves.

The disconnect of sin and shame provided through the love of God allows us to no longer be identified by that sin. It doesn’t need to drag us down another day. It allows us to be wiped clean so that we can do better tomorrow.

“Now go and sin no more.” (John 8:11)

When Jesus says this, he is not saying that we got away with one this time, but we might not be so lucky next time. He is saying that this sin no longer has hold over us and that we shouldn’t go right back out and shackle ourselves to a new one. He is asking us to see how beautiful it is to be free and then follows it with the encouragement to not give up that freedom.

Anytime that you give someone freedom there is the risk that they will make choices that you don’t like with that freedom, but it seems like those concerns are often raised by those who want to breathe new life into the old dead bones of the sins that God has put to death through repentance and forgiveness.

Take hold of the grace of God, for your sins have been forgiven.

They are your master no more.

Walk unburdened in the freedom of Christ Jesus.


6 thoughts on “I Need Your Love to Disconnect

  1. I love the Pilgrims Progress and that picture of the baggage of sin rolling off his back. I was thinking about this today actually. I wrote a negative review online of my old church. I posted it. Then I sat there and wondered what good that was doing. Part of me wants to warn people not to go there, but really I think I’m just still mad at them and being vengeful. I do hope people stay away. I do hope they go somewhere else. But I guess I want to be clean and clear and not allow them to come back and point fingers at me for the things I did and said. Burning coals and all of that. Not sure what the answer is. But I can disconnect and let God do what He does best. I don’t need to shout the evils. God will avenge me.

    • As long as it’s true, and you are willing to pay the price for doing so, I don’t see any problem with warning people away from bad churches. When the shepherds are actually wolves, then the sheep need to look out for each other.

      • Yeah I don’t care what they think. There are 2 people I still talk to there but it’s like pity friendships. The pastor probably told them I need Jesus or something.

    • Elle, for me, anger often naturally follows when reflecting upon the cruel machinations of the church wolves and the severe violations against us, against those I dearly love, my spiritual family, against the Word of God, etc. So you did good to post your negative review. Your Biblical imperative to do so can be found in Ephesians 5:8-11 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light, discerning what is the Lord’s good pleasure. As the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true—Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose and correct them. Blessings, David.

      • Yes but I also feel a pull to love my enemy, pray for those who persecute me. But, we are supposed to also expose evil esp. If it masquerades itself as good. So that’s the conflict/inner turmoil.

        • Yes, always speaking the truth in love, realizing that the real spiritual battle is with the principalities and powers behind the wolves and their systems of domination.

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