Two Sides of the Glass

You might find yourself strolling through the local strip mall one day and come across a large sheet of glass with someone working away on an elliptical behind it.

This is a curious feature of many gyms.

For some reason, they love to have those large windows on their storefronts. Like the display window at a department store except that rather than some fancy new clothes, they seem to be trying to sell you some sweaty guy on a bike that goes nowhere.

There are two sides to this glass.

On the outside looking in you might see people, not perfect ones, but people who are working to make themselves better than they are today. They recognized that they were somehow less than they wanted to be and have made a choice to become something more.

The owner hopes that you see them and become convicted that you should make a change as well.

On the inside looking out you have someone who is confronting their limitations. They never realized how many of them they had, but now that they have been revealed they have to do something about them. It turns out that part of becoming strong is finding out just how weak you are.

They kind of wish you would stop staring at them.

This would be a whole lot easier in the privacy of their own home.

The gym owner one day grew impatient with the passive display of a better life through exercise and decided to take his marketing to a new level.

The following morning you walk past the window again but today, accompanying the people inside, are thought bubbles written on the glass.

You now have an insight into what these people “really” think about you.

You look to the right, to the man on the stationary bike, who has revealed that he thinks that, “the world would be a whole lot better without your fat butt in it.”

The woman in front of you on the treadmill is now apparently thinking, “you look like you might be more comfortable at the pizza place next door.”

The guy on the elliptical doesn’t seem to think much better of you, as you can see that he thinks that, “he used to look like you, but at least he hated himself enough to do something about it.”

Now you would like to throw a brick through that window but you would probably get arrested.

Also, there isn’t a brick handy.

I don’t think that I have ever written a blog post on fitness club marketing before. My posts generally have something to do with Christian living. Weird.


7 thoughts on “Two Sides of the Glass

  1. alright, your first four words triggered a Talking Heads song for me..

    also your post reminded me of those times further back in childhood when we’d dance at night in front of our living room picture window.. we’d pull back the curtains to expose ourselves to its long mirror, and then we’d let the music move us to flight.. funny how against the outside blackness the glass cast back near perfect reflections.. but who knew what eyes lurked outside in the darkness.. it was fun and spectacular and childhood!

    at one point around that time my father posted school pictures of us kids on the outside of his pastor’s study door.. he presented our mugs with thought bubbles.. i remember thinking please don’t put those words in my mouth!

    • Same as it ever was. 😉

      Whether it be some pastor who proclaims the blessing it is that some gunman rid us of a few dozen gays, or just the subtly condescending Facebook post I don’t want people putting words in my mouth as one who follows Christ… I don’t want others to think those thoughts are in my head.

      • then there’s those preachers who love to literally put words in their audiences mouths!

        the whole repeat after me game.. it’s so manipulative, and would’ve made me feel like a robot and puppet being programmed, having its strings yanked about if i were to participate..

        not sure the echolalic dance empowers or entertains anyone but the preachers and church powers..

    • There was another way that I was thinking about presenting this, but since I let my former pro wrestling geek out on a previous post I figured I should hold out here. That being said, when CM Punk was working independents he has a heel character (that a few people have speculate is his real personality lo l) where he is straight edge (which he is) but loved to tell people how much better than them that made him.

      “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. Straight edge means I’m better than you.”

      Would not be the least bit surprised if that character was based on self-righteous christians… except of course that he was self aware enough to know that acting like that would make people hate him… and everything he stood for.

      Thanks for reading. Sorry it took me a little time to respond, this weekend was pretty crazy.

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