Celebrate the Wind


We spent Tuesday afternoon on the gulf coast of Texas.

My daughter has recently discovered the pure joy of bubbles.

A stiff breeze off of the water meant that for the first time she could blow bubbles with no help from her parents. She could raise her wand into the wind and the bubbles would scatter across the shore.

We were able to observe the power of the wind, and enjoy its fruits.

The following day left the beach behind, but not her interest in the bubbles, or her newfound faculty to participate in their creation.

She would hold her wand before her and I would provide the wind for the bubbles. I am not a force of nature, but I can still satisfy her desire for floating spheres refracting the light.

As we sat in the backyard, she started to mimic my face as I was blowing into her bubble wand. I could hear her forcing air between her little puckered lips. The wand found itself in front of her own face.

A little bubble forces its way out.

My daughter’s first bubble.

It was my turn to be excited. We cheered and marveled at the short life of this little rainbow ball.

Whether it be the mighty wind off of the water, the exhalation of man, or the gentle breath of a child, the wind has brought us joy.

Celebrate the wind and all of its varied outworkings.


One thought on “Celebrate the Wind

  1. “And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

    ~Kahlil Gibran, from The Prophet

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