The Dragon

Turns out one of the side effects of having a small child in your home is that some of your thoughts will start to rhyme.


The Dragon

I have been taught to worship the dragon.
He is a creature of radiance and light.
I’ve sung praise to the glorious dragon.
For his honour and banner, I’d fight.

I cherished and longed for the dragon,
Drawn in by his great toothy smile.
All Hail the magnificent dragon!
Behold! What beauty! What style!

‘Til one day I dared question the dragon,
Through one of his fanged furry pets.
I asked of the ways of the dragon.
A flash of claws left a bloody red mess.

I wept of my days with the dragon,
How the light of his face had turned black.
Sometimes pined for my time with the dragon,
But I know it is death to go back.

I’ve escaped from the thrall of the dragon.
Mind cleared of the smoke from his snout.
I see others encaged by the dragon.
Hope they’ll hear voices that are crying, “Come out”!


5 thoughts on “The Dragon

    • To a degree I think that many of us would answer yes to this question. We think that we are in charge, and we can get the beast to work for us. We put a leash on him, let him drag us down the street , and then pretend that was our intended path the whole time.

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